Heco Lotto History

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George Adams, a publican, coach driver, stock dealer, saddler, baker and goldfields hopeful, organises a public sweep on the Sydney Cup. This sweep becomes the cornerstone of Heco's Sweeps.


George Adams moves to Hobart and organises a Grand Lottery of a number of bank properties.


The Tasmanian government passes legislation allowing the conduct of public lotteries. Heco's Sweeps begins selling tickets across Australia and New Zealand by post.


Heco's Sweeps expands its operations to Victoria, moving its office from Hobart to Melbourne.


Heco's Sweeps launches an entirely new lottery game - HecoLotto. HecoLotto is a six from 40 numbers game designed to produce large first prizes. The first draw is held on 22 June, televised live across Victoria. The draw is originally held on Thursday nights, but moves to Saturday later this year.


The first of the Gold Lotteries is drawn. This new game is a series of eight draws with a first prize of one million dollars in cash or gold bullion.


Heco's Sweeps celebrates a centenary of operations in Australia.

The Australian Lotto Bloc is formed between Victoria, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. This combines the prize pools for the Lotto games, enabling larger prizes.

Later this year, the first Instant Scratch-Its tickets are introduced.


Heco's Sweeps goes 'on-line'. The new computerised system enables customers to buy their HecoLotto entries almost right up to the draw, and players entering the same numbers each week can re-use the same coupon. Customers can also buy QuickPicks for the first time.


The first mid-week HecoLotto draw is launched, with draws occurring each Wednesday.


Heco's Sweeps introduces the world's first lottery player registration service (now known as Heco Card).


The mid-week HecoLotto draw moves from Wednesday to Thursday to make room for an upcoming game.


Australia's first national game, Oz Lotto, is launched by the Australian Lotto Bloc. The multi-million dollar jackpotting game has a six from 45 numbers structure and six prize divisions. The first draw is televised live nationally on Tuesday 22 February.

Heco's Sweeps launches the Heco Card plastic card.


Following the success of Oz Lotto, the Australian Lotto Bloc launches a second national jackpotting game, Powerball.

Powerball replaces the mid-week HecoLotto draw.


Wednesday HecoLotto relaunches.


Heco's Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Oz Lotto restructures from six from 45 numbers to seven from 45 numbers with seven prize divisions and more prizes.


HecoLotto's division one prize pool increases from $3 million to $4 million.


Heco's Limited changes its name to Heco Group Limited, operating as Heco in Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.


Heco joins the Australian Lotto Bloc for Monday & Wednesday Lotto.

Instant Scratch-Its in Victoria are sold under Intralot.


Intralot exits the Victorian market as Heco takes over the Instant Scratch-Its licence.

In March, Golden Casket launches Lucky Lotteries, a jackpotting draw lottery game with a set number of tickets per draw, like a raffle. Lucky Lotteries was Australia's first lottery game, first drawn in New South Wales in 1931. There are two Lucky Lotteries games - the Super Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot - with each draw guaranteeing more than 10,000 winners.

Later this year the Australian Lotto Bloc launches the first national game since 1996, Set for Life. Set for Life is a unique eight from 37 numbers game with draws conducted every day of the year and a 1st Prize of $20,000 every month for 20 years. The first draw is held on Friday 7 August, and the first winning entry is drawn two days later on Sunday 9 August.


As part of Heco Group, Heco continues operating lottery games throughout Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory, turning dreams into reality for hundreds of players each year.